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Public Relations of the 21st Century – moving to influence individuals via social media and blogging

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Moving from relations with the public to relations with individuals

It is crucial for any business to run a public relations campaign in order to keep a positive image in the public eye. However, the traditional modes of running such a campaign are slowly becoming obsolete. That is why it is necessary for businesses to update their public relations campaigns for the 21st century, and tackle the new methodologies & tools, which include blogging and social media.

Be Found Series: Update Your Website's Listing At Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, Ping-0-matic, etc.

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Editor's note: a number of these tools are changed or no longer available.


Google: How To Submit to Google Webmaster Tools

Submit your site to Google's search engine via Google Webmaster Tools

Find instructions at Using Webmaster Tools


Are Web Apps and Services Heading to Extinction?

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 Are Web apps and services heading to extinction as common Web functionality becomes embedded in Mobile apps and interfaces - or - within commonly used apps, such as e-mail? Specifically, Web-based apps like Twitter have new competition in Google Buzz, which integrates micro-blogging directly into your e-mail. Another example would be the many Web-based calendar and event services. Many of these independent Web apps have their own interfaces.

Lame to Fame: Whys And Hows for Taking Your Website to the Top

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As part of our participation in the Drupal community, I've offered a presentation for annual DrupalCon conferences, DrupalCamps, or local Drupal Users Groups.  Jim can present this to your organization.

The session is entitled:

 "Lame to Fame: Whys & Hows for Taking Your Website to the Top"

Notes From "SEO Best Practices for the Drupal.org Redesign" Webinar

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Drupal Association organization logo 120, MediaFirst is a member

Notes From "SEO Best Practices for the Drupal.org Redesign" Webinar. Noted here are SEO recommendations for the drupal.org redesign.  


Every Business Person Needs Their Photo On Their LinkedIn Profile

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In a recent survey of LinkedIn users, more than 35% did not include a profile photograph, even for many C-level executives. 

Call Jim for help getting a good photo (770) 642-2080, x218.

Tie Tech PR Strategy Directly To Tactics For Best PR Agency Results

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Breakthrough Marketing via PR, Social Media, Awards, Speaking & Interactive

One method for attaining higher quality results, is a PR process that embeds strategy within the tactical documentation for the client. MediaFirst identifies the desired, future positioning for a client. This is a view of how the client firm wishes to be viewed in a year. Since most of our clients are privately held, we work for executives that have shareholdings in their firm and want to increase valuation. To succeed we use a technique applied by excellent, venture-backed companies.

This technique establishes:

Public Relations Agency Secret: Consistent Process Creates Great Results

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The value of your business increases as your audience reach and recognition expands. Create awareness, investor interest, and competitive advantage. Select Media First to help achieve success, funding, IPO, or acquisition. We work together to attain goals of:
  • Targeting and reaching the audiences that purchase your hardware, software, or services
  • Generating awareness and interest in your venture, through PR to these target audiences
  • Crafting the value proposition of your offerings and firm

Response time + Stability will establish a new basis of competition - Google Chrome

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 I just posted this comment on Scobleizer's blog, regarding the post named 

"Why Google Chrome OS has already won"  

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