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Social Media: The Difference in Small Biz & Big Brand Social Media

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With all this socializing going on, the challenge of coordinating and integrating messages across multiple social networks platforms has become top-of-mind. Businesses, large and small, are using social media platforms – but for very different reasons.

Twitter Influence and Tracking Tools

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Here is a quick list of Twitter tools, Websites with differing measurements of influence.

20 Twitter Marketing Tips for Social Media Success | MediaFirst PR

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Social Networks Social Media

20 Twitter Marketing Tips for Social Media Success Everyone tweets these days, but some people just don't get it. Social Media can be a great marketing tool for spreading the word about your company, yourself, your industry, your customers, etc. Here are some tips to make you successful!

1. To avoid readers’ annoyance, don’t make your profile background appear like an advertisement.

2. Display your photo and let people know they’re NOT chatting with some faceless marketer.

Tech PR Client Top Ten Requested Traits

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Tech PR clients want these top ten traits, which won us praise over many years:

1. Communicate well with me

2. Be competent and experienced, in technology and business

3. Establish good relationships and be a teammate of my staff

4. Demonstrate leadership

ActivityStreams: Open Standard & Specifications For Sharing The Richness Of What We Post On The Web

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[WARNING] This post is on the uber-geeky side.  It relates to open standards for sharing what we do on a Website, such as Twitter, Facebook, Live.com, etc. and feeding that stream of activities into another service (Twitter to Facebook, Live.com to Cliqset, etc).

Tech Reporters Continue to Influence Impact of Company News, Giving Confirmation From 'The Experts"

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With the advent of the Internet and consumer journalism, the media no longer have strict control over the flow of information to the public. But, try selling the newest gadget without getting tech reporters and early adopters on board, and you will see they clearly continue to influence the impact of your news. The general population knows your gadget is out there but they still want confirmation from “the experts” that it’s good.

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