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We Live for Your Success

According to business guru Peter Drucker, effectiveness is enablement.

We enable client success with a proven process, continual improvement, and relentless dedication in applying unmatched business and technical understanding.

No other PR firm assigns their best PR staff to your account—staff with experience on the front lines of selling to top executives and across marketing, product marketing, and engineering—customers exactly like yours.

Clients Seek Us Out to Win New Customers & Markets

The careers of the MediaFirst staff are always focused on the promotion of technology. Clients claim we execute superbly, understand complexity, and communicate in the authentic vocabulary of your customer and industry. The firm was founded by Jim Caruso, bringing a background in the convergence of telecommunications, computing, and new media. Our first clients were from Canada, France, the UK, Thailand, and the USA. Jim's success in winning contracts at British Telecom, NYNEX, and GTE (now both Verizon) attracted these first clients. Our effectiveness creates new customers and opens new markets for our clients. Clients seek out MediaFirst's unique market understanding and effectiveness, such as PR that brings both market awareness and funding, acquisition, or exit.

Clients Grow With Unique Marketing & PR Tactics

Becky Boyd joined, enabling her to offer marketing services to her former HP customers and business partners. Recognized among the top 100 sales representatives worldwide, Becky won Hewlett-Packard's "President's Award," awarded by HP founders Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard. At MediaFirst, she becomes part of her customer's team, launching new software businesses, guiding customers through channel development and marketing, and making their spokespersons and offerings well-known in their industry.

MediaFirst Grows Your Mindshare, Revenues, Profits, and Valuation

We helped these firms on their way to success, funding, IPO or acquisition

Clients enjoyed great success as we provided technology PR, including Logistics PR, Supply Chain PR, Information Security PR, and IT PR for the following venture-backed companies: Gideon Technologies of Alpharetta, GA (acquired by Symantec in 2010), Optiant of Boston, MA (acquired by Logility), LeanLogistics of Michigan (acquired by CHEP, now BlueJay Solutions), Optimus Solutions of Norcross, GA (acquired), Eircom of Connecticut (IPO), ExtremeLogic of Atlanta, GA (acquired by HP), iMedeon ($15 million in funding by GE and others), W&H Systems (acquired in 2016), Elemica (private equity buyout in 2016), and International Asset Systems (acquired by REZ-1 which was acquired by Direct ChassisLink in 2016), and Transportation Insight (private equity buyout in 2018)

In the past, we helped all these firms with PR and marketing: Aether [NASDAQ: AETH], AL Systems (NJ), Baymont, Bitam (Mexico) Bradley Ward Systems (GA), Cadabra (New Zealand), CCBN (MA), Canvas Systems (IT hardware company launch) (GA), Commotion Pictures (CA), Dickens Data Systems (GA), Digital Wireless Corporation (GA), Eurecarte (France), Frontline Selling (GA), Heavenly Greens (CA), Industrial Computer Corporation (ICC) (GA), Insight (VA), Intergraph (Finland) Oy, International Asset Systems (CA), Just Happy (CA), Kubota (GA), Machine Kinetics (TN), MailChimp (GA), Mason Land Surveys (UK), Merlot (CT), MONENCO (Canada), Libit (Israel/USA), OHC LLC (GA), Optiant (MA), Paragon Software Systems (UK/USA), PointServe (TX), PowerTV (CA), TARGIT (Denmark), TG Cadabra (Thailand), Transportation Insight (NC), UNISYS (Spain/USA), W&H Systems (NJ), etc.