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"What we've achieved in the last 18 months in working with MediaFirst has been truly amazing! They have excellent relationships with journalists and really have helped us raise awareness about our business in the US."

— Jane Geary Marketing Manager, Paragon Software Systems [UK & USA]

Quote from Ed Rusch of Elemica

"Elemica worked with MediaFirst to increase our PR success and craft a better social presence during the launch of our new supply chain operating network the first half of 2013, and we continue to receive value from our relationship with them as we move forward to positively disrupt the supply chain market." - Ed Rusch, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Elemica

Quote from Amanda Hinton, International Asset Systems

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"At the end of our first year with MediaFirst, we have won awards, had extensive coverage in a variety of industry and national journals, increased our social media presence, and been involved in many interviews and byline articles. We have never been in the spotlight as much as we are now with Becky leading our PR efforts.

— Amanda Hinton

Quote from Chris Mazza, SVP Business Development, International Asset Systems


"International Asset Systems has gotten some awesome coverage this past year. We tried this for years with another firm. How does she do it? We have such great coverage now. We are happy she is leading our PR!" - Chris Mazza, SVP Business Development, International Asset Systems

Quote 2 from Michael Centrella, managing partner of Momentum Technology Partners and CEO of Merlot Communications

“Jim takes a pragmatic cost effective approach to PR and Media that really delivers results. I look forward to hiring and working with Jim and his team again in the future. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value."

— Michael Centrella, managing partner of Momentum Technology Partners and CEO of Merlot Communications

Quote: Mike Scher, Frontline Selling, MediaFirst brings the intensity of a sales process to creating great business press

"MediaFirst brings the focus and intensity of a sales process to creating great business press."

— Mike Scher, president of Frontline Selling

Quote from Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder & CEO at MailChimp, comments on the use of Social Media by MediaFirst CEO, Jim Caruso

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"If you say interesting stuff on twitter, people will follow you there. I think Jim Caruso, from MediaFirst, does this well. He’s been at every single technology event I’ve ever attended in Atlanta for the last 10 years. He knows what’s going on. He’s a technology geek at heart... And he’s on twitter, tweeting about local startups, global technology news, and of course, his own clients. I follow him on twitter."

— Ben Chestnut, Co-Founder & CEO at MailChimp

Quote from Fred Lizza, CEO of Optiant

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"MediaFirst helped raise the awareness of our company to compete with companies that are much bigger. They are a professional group and work very hard to generate publicity for us.  I would add that MediaFirst has been very creative in developing new ways of generating publicity (e.g., issue-based press releases) for Optiant."

— Fred Lizza, CEO of Optiant

Quote: Jeff Karrenbauer, CEO of Insight, Inc.; Great Press From MediaFirst's Idea Of An Issue-based Press Release on Swine Flu

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"Thanks very much; MediaFirst's instinct was absolutely correct," Insight CEO's reaction to tons of media coverage from issue-based press release entitled "Swine Flu Outbreak Highlights Need for Supply Chain Resilience"

— Jeff Karrenbauer, president and co-founder, INSIGHT, Inc.

Quote from Carsten Franck of TARGIT A/S [Denmark]

“MediaFirst demonstrated invaluable skill and knowledge in Marketing and PR. As a Danish software company MediaFirst helped us insure quality in our general marketing / PR and in targeted communication to media.”

— Carsten Franck, TARGIT A/S [Denmark]

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