PR Agency Process: Clients Attain Success, Staff Know Technology & Consumer Business, & PR Firm Is Cost-Effective

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Expect great results from agreed-upon goals. We begin with joint agreement on the scope, success factors, metrics, and review frequency. Clients find that our business processes deliver superior results.


Public Relations (PR). We find opportunities for you and your firm to be quoted, mentioned, or covered in detail. We have a well-established process that exceeds client expectations. We tee you up, but you must execute. This component of success requires you to be available, timely, interesting, informative, and quotable. You are the expert, not the reporter. So, help the reporter to understand the issue, industry development, and influence on the market. Consider the media (reporters and editors) as an influential conduit to your audience. Press coverage is a third-party endorsement of you and your firm, as are the audiences reached through social media.

As your agency, get you great press. Evidence of process and results are the client deliverables and living project documents. Depending upon your agreement with us, these may include:

Results Report, listing the articles in which your firm will appear or appeared, date of issue (forecasted or actual), and the title. These typically list the opportunities pursued, interviews secured, award applications filed, byline article submissions, or other task status of both parties.

Strategic & Tactical PR Plans and documentation:

  • PR Plan, documentation of an agreed-upon strategy
  • Documented messages, in a Messaging Matrix, including cases, spokespersons, customers, etc.
  • Tactical plan, rolling plan of 90 to 180 days, a Proposed Press Release Schedule
  • Press Releases about new customers, partnerships, hiring, locations, surveys, issues, or trends
  • Targeted Audience, agreed-upon sources of your desired audiences
  • Media Outlets List, targeting press, bloggers, and influencers in print, radio, TV, online, & social media
  • Industry Events List for interview opportunities, speaking opportunities, your event, analyst conferences, etc.
  • Editorial Calendar Opportunities, identifying the upcoming stories that you firm should be in
  • Trade Show Briefing book, listing appointments for trade shows, reporter bios, and editorial opportunities
  • Agreement, our signed contractual agreement, listing projects, change-in-scope, etc.
  • Spokesperson list for your venture with their expertise

Press Kit

Packaged in a Presentation Folder and including items written for the media audience, such as:

  • Company profile or backgrounder;
  • Bios for each spokesperson;
  • Summary of Board of Directors, Management Team, and/or Board of Advisors;
  • Significant Press Releases;
  • Related company of product literature; and
  • Supporting White Paper, research note, analyst study, case study or bylined article.

Press Release template

The Press Release template is used to embody your news and which contains your logo

  • The opening sentence of your Press Release, encapsulating your venture's value proposition to the media
  • A boilerplate paragraph(s) "About Your-Company," also known as a tombstone
  • A readily-available staff member as contact for each Press Release
  • Formatted to meet your corporate identity

Communications, e-mail or phone, describing the opportunities we uncover for press coverage, bylined article submission, award applications, speaking opportunities, or leads

Draft Press Releases for your approval News wires, over which we send your release and create a semi-permanent record in the financial and business press and online

Contractual agreements align with process.

Payment can be retainer + expenses, project, or time + materials.

Our agreements state deliverables, typical results, and a contractual result. We work closely to define a work program that best leverages your existing staff, resources, and budget.

Key terms and conditions include:

  • Well-defined scope of work and deliverables or goals
  • Client cooperation in attaining results 
  • Client pre-approval of formal deliverables
  • Client pre-approval of extraordinary expenses
  • Flexibility for you to define new projects under agreed terms
  • Defined time to complete tasks and produce results
  • Professional conduct by Agency in performing service for client
  • Provision for termination by either party without cause
  • Reporting of results as measured against plan
  • Preference for mediation in settling any dispute
  • Partial pre-payment or progress billing
  • Payment in full
  • Confidentiality

Learn more about how PR consistency delivers great press, call Jim at 770.642.2080, x 218.