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Mailchimp is a great Email Service Provider and a fun brand. We are pleased to have been customers of Mailchimp since their beginning.

One of our favorite features of Mailchimp is RSS-toEmail, which enables us to send periodic email newsletters from our blog and the blogs of our clients. Many companies already have a regular blogging program in place. RSS-to-Email lets us easily create a newsworthy regular newsletter from the blog content that you post periodically. 

In addition, Mailchimp and its partner web service ecosystem enables many additional features and functionality that can be added. We place one or more Calls-to-Action (CTA) on newsletter templates. These can offer your email recipient additional information that helps in the selection process for your product or service. Clicking on a CTA takes the visitor to a landing page, which might be hosted on another web service, such as Unbounce. Unbounce has Mailchimp as a partner and refers to its partner network as its "Marketing Automation Ecosystem."

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Or, call Jim (Ext 218) to talk about the technology and services around Email Marketing Campaigns or call Becky (Ext 214) about a regular blogging program.