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Tech PR Specialists In IT Hardware, Software, & Services

Computing, and its evolutions, such as the Internet, Web, new media, SaaS, Web 2.0, etc, have been integral to the lives of the firm's founders. They cut their teeth on early hardware and software systems — across technologies, such as computing platforms, chip sets, operating systems, real-time computing, data bases, and storage media. They worked for computing leaders HP and IBM, and launched start–ups in IP/VoIP, Web-based software and SaaS, wireless data, and real-time process control. Our early use and adoption of technologies, from social media, to virtual offices, to laptop computers and secure wireless networks, to a long history with e–mail to wireless to the Web, means that we understand the value of your offerings.

We currently work with hot tech IT and software companies: information security firms, IT services firms, optimization software firms, supply chain management software firms, field force automation software firms, Web development agencies, and systems integration companies. Some applications include:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS), such as from LeanLogistics
  • Internet Marketing Software, such as from MailChimp
  • Logistics Software, such as from Optiant
  • Marketing Automation Software
  • Supply Chain Software, such as from Insight
  • Social Media Software, such as the social publishing tools used by Acquia customers and partners
  • Content Management Systems software, such as Drupal
  • Online marketplace or online exchange software services, such as Elemica
  • IT Services Firms & Software Development Firms

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Eircom [NASDAQ: EIR], formerly Telecom Eireann and Telecom Ireland (US)

Trade Shows, Conferences, Seminars, Press Conferences, Hospitality & Meetings

  • PR and marketing, promoting e–Commerce infrastructure and Web development capabilities that changed the basis–of–Competition for economic development. This encouraged North American companies to locate in Ireland, selecting Eircom as their Internet Services Provider.
  • Marketing, collateral development: brochure, invitation, etc.
  • Writing: case studies, white papers, bylined articles
  • Event planning and execution
  • Corporate identity change: publicized changes leading to IPO
  • Announcement of customers, services, hiring, partners & IPO
  • Wireless data, wireless Web-based B2B services, telecom, financial, logistics, transportation industry

iMedeon, Inc.

PR, analyst relations, & speaking opportunity management. Promoted Web-based, wireless workforce management software suite. This software was differentiated as the first of the true Web-based solutions for field force automation.

  • Consistently spectacular press coverage across industries, targeting dispatch and field force automation (FFA)
  • Analyst relations that identified key analysts, scheduled briefings, and maintained top honors
  • Opportunity management for speaking engagements, identifying and securing top slots, annually
  • Contact of potential investors or business partners in wireless, utilities, & GIS
  • Announcement of customers, awards, products, services, hiring, partners & funding
  • Wireless data, wireless Web-based B2B services, telecom, financial, logistics, transportation industry

Kubota Pacific Computer

Sales lead generation, opportunity management, proposal generation, and deal closing. Lead generation via telephone to top decision–makers in high-end graphics, such as simulation, GIS, remote sense, mechanical design, simulation, and visualization. Closed leads in industries, such as the military, medical, engineering, and manufacturing.  We called every, high-end computer graphics and visualization user in the eastern United States and Canada.

  • Prospecting high-end computer-graphics buyers
  • Lead qualification, literature fulfillment
  • Proposal development & lead tracking
  • Sales
  • Computer graphics, high-end workstations, visualization, simulation, CAD/CAM/CAE, GIS & medical imaging, Inc.

Promoting this Web-based, B2B start–up. Business plan, corporate organization, marketing, PR, analyst relations, & speaking opportunity management.

  • Business plan
  • Venture launch
  • Board of advisors
  • VC presentations
  • Service introductions
  • Deal structuring: T's & C's, financial, & legal
  • Wireless industry, Web-based B2B services, wireless network & subscriber equipment