Clients: Excellence In Client-Agency-Media Process Attains Success

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To handle an urgent client issue, such as scheduling and interview with a reporter or editor, call Becky at 770/642-2080, x214. Please let us offer reporters up to three alternate time slots on two days.

If no answer call Jim at (mobile) 404/788-0188 at any hour.

New, additional projects can be defined using a copy of Schedule "C" from your agreement.

Core and complementary services include:

  • Public Relations (PR): Become newsworthy and get the most coverage from media relations. Help reporters create a great story.
  • Press Releases: A stream of news about industry issues, software releases, events, customers, partners, hiring, etc.
  • Content Marketing: Blog content useful and interesting to your audience; delivered regularly.
  • Awards: Opportunity Management: Win awards and notoriety for your firm and your customers
  • Speaking Opportunity Management: Find speaking engagements in front of target audiences
  • Industry Analyst Relations: Convey your value proposition, market influence, and position
  • Marketing: marketing plans define strategy, tactics, and a timeline for changing the game.
  • Brand: Brand (brand image, brand experience), Brand Management, Corporate Identity and Brand ID: Create and organize your corporate identity
  • Fixing Your Website: You know it doesn't do what you need, like capture leads or build an email list. We can fix it.
  • Web Hosting: Stable, fast hosting with backup and recovery. We'll bet you your site is slow, fix it.
  • Collaterals: Let us define the scope, budget, content, and then produce and print - or better, .PDF - your brochure, tip sheet, etc.
  • Events: Organizing a venue to generate leads, impart knowledge and sell
  • Social Media strategy, tactics, and implementation for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.

Reporting: Jointly, we agree upon the scope, success factors, metrics, and review frequency.

Our Consistent PR Process Completely Accomplishes Client Goals

Create many opportunities to be quoted, mentioned, or covered in print, online, or by blogs. We tee you up, you execute via an interview. Part of your interview success is being available and timely, and part is being interesting, informative, and quotable. You are the expert, so help reporters and bloggers understand the latest industry issues, industry developments, and evolving business challenges.

Reporters and bloggers are influential conduits to your audience. Together we help them write good stories and, in return, get clients great press. MediaFirst documents this process and our progress towards your success.

Marketing strategies are documented and measured through:

  • Results/Status Report: listing or forecasting the articles in which your firm will appear
  • Strategic & Tactical PR Plans and documentation Spokespersons for your venture and their expertise
  • Press Kits, packaged in a Presentation Folder and including items written for the media audience, such as:
  • Story Pitches: offers and responsive e-mail communications with the media, analysts, and bloggers
  • Press Releases that demonstrate your success
  • News wires: effective distribution of news online, in print, and to the news desks of major media outlets
  • Leverage press coverage via Web links of Press Releases and media coverage