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Check Your Digital Marketing Performance; How I Do a Quick Assessment

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How Are You or Your Company Performing Across the Web & Social

When I do a preliminary check of a potential ally or client I have a quick procedure that includes evaluating web performance, online content, and social media engagement.

Formatting for Readability and User Friendliness, Often an Immediate Improvement for Your Website Regardless of the Writer

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Here are some initial observations I prepared for a client, evaluating across all the writers and content of blog posts, press releases, and website. These suggestions improve the reading experience for the web visitor and improve SEO. Writers should do these, full stop.

Why Your Website Should Play Nice with Mobile

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Your website is a portal into your brand. It is the first introduction most potential customers will have to your company’s voice, mentality and mission. In many cases, it’s also the only way they’ll learn about the products and services you offer. As such, it’s important that your website be eye catching, provocative, and intuitive to navigate.

Online Note-Taking Apps: Evernote, Google Keep, Pocket, Springpad

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Note Applications: Web-based 

These are information collection, organization & retrieval tools that work across a multitude of devices, operating systems, and browsers. One main function is to save, categorize, and organize web pages as notes - for research or later reference.

Pinterest for Business, Sign Up and Get Your Business Pinterest Profile (or Convert a Personal Profile to a Business Profile)

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Sign Up for Pinterest for Business

Get your business Pinterest account (profile) or convert a personal account profile to a business account profile.

Click to Create a Pinterest Business Account or Convert to One

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