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  If Your Email Marketing Isn't Working, Try These Fixes


An email marketing campaign is a good strategy for any inbound marketing platform. Email marketing comes into play once you have captured your leads and are now trying to increase brand loyalty, your customer base, and sales. If your email marketing is ineffective, then you’ll eventually lose those leads.

Audit Your Social Media Marketing for These Mistakes

Social media marketing is an excellent way to expand the awareness of your brand, increase brand loyalty among your customers and even generate new leads. Social media marketing is a strategy that every Internet marketing campaign needs to have. But just because you're marketing your business using social media does not mean you're doing so successfully.

Create a Plan for Your Twitter Social Media Marketing

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If you plan on marketing your business on social media, Twitter is one of the top social platforms that you should consider using. However, don’t go into using Twitter thinking that all you have to do is throw out a few tweets every day. In order to get the most out of Twitter, you need to create a marketing plan.

Figure Out Your Strategy for Success With Content Marketing

If you have never designed a content market strategy before, or have struggled to do so effectively, you may feel intimidated by what can seem like a complicated process. In fact, content marketing is relatively simple, and the same steps apply to any strategy, no matter your field, type of business, or size of company.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Planning Email Marketing


Email marketing can be an incredibly effective inbound marketing strategy, as long as you plan it properly. If you don’t properly plan your email marketing strategy, then your emails will not only go unread – they could end up being marked as spam, which would be a disaster!

Four Pillars of Interactive Marketing

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Interactive marketing is a lot more than just web site visits and traffic, although increasing web traffic is a major goal of any interactive marketing campaign. While SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) are excellent tactics for increasing traffic, there are four more pillars that must be met in order to step out from the crowd. These are: 


The Best Social Media for Highly Visual Businesses

Social media has become a marketing cornerstone for most business, no matter the size. That’s because social media marketing campaigns are highly effective when it comes to the time and money you spend on them versus what they can return to you.

Ways Your Business May Need to Adjust to Social Media

When it comes to business marketing tips, some are better than others. One that you shouldn’t ignore is the necessity of using social media. There are still businesses out there that choose to ignore social media. This is a bad mistake. Social media is an incredibly valuable tool for every business – it doesn’t matter how big or how small the business is.

Tips for Handling Customer Support on Twitter

Using social media is an excellent strategy for any inbound marketing campaign, whether you run a small, medium or large business. There are a ton of social media networks to choose from, but one that every business should consider is Twitter. In fact, using Twitter for your business can help in more ways than one.

Remember to Tailor Your Voice to Your Social Media Platform

Making sure that your company has a voice when marketing your business on social media is incredibly important. You don’t want to sound like a drone that’s just periodically releasing information once in a while, after all. This is something that will simply turn off your followers.

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