Think of Social Media as Part of a Greater Marketing Plan


Making sure that your company has a presence on social media is more important than you might think. It’s not just about reaching people already on social media, or just an attempt to look like you’re keeping up with what’s “in” at the moment. Social media can be used to complement your entire marketing plan in a number of ways. 

The following are a few business marketing tips you should use in order to take full advantage of social media:

  • Customer service: Social media is an excellent way to improve customer service, since it allows you to directly communicate with your followers and vice versa. Consider creating a separate Twitter account that is dedicated solely to responding to customer questions, concerns and feedback.
  • Email: You can use your social media in order to complement your email marketing campaign and vice versa. Use social media icons on your emails to make it easier for readers to find you on social media websites. You can even convert followers on your social media into email contacts.
  • Create awareness: Create awareness of any promotions, discounts, contests or any other marketing campaigns by posting links to them via your social media sites. If you have a Twitter presence, which you should, then you should create hashtags that will support your promotions and contests.
  • Re-use existing content: If you have a company blog, then you can re-post older content onto your social media pages so that it can be found more easily.

Use these tips to integrate the use of social media into all aspects of your marketing campaign. Contact us at MediaFirst for more business marketing tips.

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