Marketing Automation & Drupal: Presentation by Jim Caruso to the Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG) April, 11, 2013

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The economic downturn forced marketing organizations to do a better job communicating and quantifying their strategies, tasks, and success.

Out of this has come tools to generate leads better and also at a lower cost. These tools are marketing automation. Well-implemented Marketing Automation increases revenues and profitability while lowering costs (or at least cost per new customer).

Jim Caruso will cover why this is important to us, organizations that have or build Drupal websites.

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The Video


Marketing Automation & Drupal: Presentation by Jim Caruso to the Atlanta Drupal User Group (ADUG) April, 11, 2013 from Jim Caruso on Vimeo.


The Slides:



Can we do it all in Drupal? What exactly is "it," Marketing Automation?

Jim will cover:

- What is Marketing Automation

- Components

-- Inbound Methodology

-- Incremental Improvements

-- Content Marketing

-- Content & Context

-- Buyer Persona

-- Social Reach

-- Calls-to-Action (CTA)

-- Forms

-- Landing Pages

-- Email Lead Nurturing

-- Advertising & PPC

-- SEO

-- Owned, Earned, & Paid Media

-- Response Time

-- Metrics & Measurement

-- The Sales & Marketing Lead Funnel

- Lead Generation on Drupal

- Available tools

-- Dashboards

-- Integrations

-- Research

-- Collaboration

- Real Marketing Automation

-- Resources

About Jim Caruso, CEO, MediaFirst

Marketing strategist and CEO at MediaFirst, a PR firm and marketing agency providing inbound marketing, social media, public relations, and web development for lead generation.

Guy from Earth. Technology evangelist. Creator of opportunities and deal-maker. Writer, engineer, speaker, and enabler of teams. Early adopter. Dangerously technical. Interested in semantic Web, social media, blogging, CMS/blog engines, quality, and everything tech. Enjoy speedy, standards-complaint Web sites. Proponent of the Open Web, transparency, and liberty. ENTP. Advocate for good. Play soccer, rugby, and lacrosse.

MediaFirst is a top agency for technology marketing, PR, social media, and websites. The firm's blog was one of the 20 top blogs on social media as recognized by Social Media Examiner in 2012. You can find him in the trenches of the web, technology, and social networking in Atlanta or at conferences, such as Inbound, DrupalCon, or South by Southwest (SxSW).

Jim maintains alignment of business activities with strategic intent for his clients. Internally, his concerns are strategy, lead gen, process, execution, and quality. He has business experience across

telecom, computing, new media, and the Web that offers a deep understanding of client markets and better positioning of technology products and services. As a speaker, Jim engaged audiences from technical and executive roundtables to more than 1000 conference attendees across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific.

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