How to Address Different Genders on Social Media for Better Targeted Marketing


An important consideration when implementing your social media marketing strategy is the demographic and gender of your target audience. You can’t connect with your social media followers in the exact same way – everyone’s different, especially when you bring gender into the equation. 

Jennifer Walpole writes on Lifehacker about what you should know about men and women and their use of social media. Here are a few ideas gleaned from her piece.

  • Men and women tend to use social media for largely different reasons. Men use social media mostly for business or dating purposes while women make use of social media for relationships, entertainment, social sharing, and self-help.

  • If you look at the statistics for how women use certain social media sites, such as Facebook, they far outnumber men for certain reasons. More women use Facebook to view photos and videos, share with more than one person, look for entertaining posts, learn how to help others and to receive support from their network.

  • Men tend to prefer access to deals or information, whereas women prefer having an encounter with a brand.

  • Men don’t ignore social media ads or mobile text ads as much as women do.

  • The ads that resonate with men are different from ads that reach women. However, both men and women are drawn to humor, aspirational images, and celebrity endorsement. 
  • Men also differ from women in mobile use. While women tend to use mobile phones (smartphones) for sharing, games and the camera; men use their mobiles for news, GPS navigation, and video.

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