B2B Award Marketing: Awards and Speaking Engagements Are Leveraged By Media Relations

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Award: Supply Chain Brain: Great Supply Chain Partners 2009
Award: Supply & Demand Chain Executive - Pros To Know 2009
Award: Progressive Manufacturing 100 Awards PM100 Technology Partner
Award: Information Week 500 IW 500 Award


Winning awards gives your firm additional industry credibility via the third-party endorsement of the publications, trade shows, associations, and organizations that give awards.

B2B Award Marketing is best when you consider the benefit of making it part of a comprehensive B2B Marketing program that includes B2B Branding, B2B Blog Marketing, B2B Content Marketing, B2B Conversions Marketing, B2B Media Relations, B2B Online Marketing, B2B Press Release Marketing, and B2B Social Media Marketing.

Awards and Speaking Engagements are often leveraged by Media Relations because many publications have award opportunities and are affiliated with conferences and trade shows that provide speaking engagement opportunities.

All these techniques prove your value and credibility in front of your targeted audiences with the thrid-party endoresement of the media.