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Blog Marketing To Engage Web Visitors

Blogs provide fresh content that improves search engine optimization, initiates conversations with customers, and improves sales. To get a blog following, you must blog regularly, at least twice a week, and keep up with visitor comments, which means responding to questions raised, commenting positively on good observations, and maintaining the conversation with all visitors.

​Blog SEO Builds Traffic, Helps Generate Leads

MediaFirst writes relevant and insightful blog articles that establish thought leadership, help with SEO, attract quality inbound links, and generate leads. 

​Blogging is a Conversation with Your Audiences

Blogging lets you:

  • Communicate with users on the web,
  • Spark conversation and engage your web visitors and customers,
  • Generate new and more website traffic with fresh content and SEO keywords,
  • Build Brand,
  • Improve sales, and
  • ​Create opportunities to capture leads with the right Call-To-Action (CTA).

Blog Writing Requires Consistency, Process & Focus

We write blogs that share best practices and tips, provide interpretive summaries of advice from credible professionals, give overviews of current trends and analyses, teach a skill to master or how to do something more efficiently, help site visitors understand new key technology features, summarize a client success, and more. 

Our process involves:

  • Brainstorming a list of ideas and topics for blog articles
  • Analyzing the list of keywords for which you should rank highly
  • Researching each topic and internal or external links
  • Identifying thought leaders and experts within your company and industry

To get started with a dedicated blog writer, call Becky at 770.642.2080, x214 or look for our Blog Writing offer on the Hubspot Services Marketplace.


Blogging For Business & B2B Blogging

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