iMedeon's Fabulous Press Coverage Secures Top Spot & Wins Funding - PR Case Study



iMedeon's Fabulous Press Coverage Secures Top Spot & Wins Funding

Client: iMedeon, Inc. iMedeon became the leading supplier of 100% web-based, mobile workforce management solutions iwth our help. With $10M in Venture Funding secured in 1998, the company was on a fast track for growth and exit, such as an IPO or acquisition. iMedeon needed to publicize the name change, rebrand, introduce new products, and secure a much higher profile with targeted audiences, such as prospects, employees, analysts, business partners, and investors.

Their lead offering, iM:Work, facilitates the dispatch and management of mobile workforces in industries such as telecommunications, utilities, and technology field service. The solution interfaces to front and back office systems to dispatch the right person, to the right location at the right time and cost, resulting in a more satisfied and loyal customer base

Project: Publicize Name Change, New Product Launch, Generate Publicity, Win 2nd Round Funding

iMedeon hired MediaFirst PR–Atlanta because of first-hand knowledge and experience in the target industries of telecom, utilities, and information technology.

iMedeon needed great press and analyst coverage to succeed in their quest to stay ahead of their competition. We created visibility, through consistent efforts, in quality trade and technical magazines, radio, and weekly/daily newspapers. By securing press appointments at select trade shows, iMedeon met face-to-face with reporters, editors, and analysts who cover their industries, resulting in a positive perception of iMedeon. With our strategy to deliver newsworthy information packaged in the right story idea and positioned for the appropriate media got iMedeon an incredible amount of great press. We developed a list of speaking opportunities and managed these opportunities, e.g, by crafting speaker's abstracts to secure speaking slots for iMedeon executives at top-level trade shows and conferences

  • iMedeon, founded as Future Horizons, underwent a re-branding and name change
  • The name change reflects commitment to empowering field workers of leading companies with immediate access to information
  • Promoted the newly developed web-based workforce management system, iM:Work
  • More Than 200 Media Placements in 12 months Puts iMedeon on Top
  • iMedeon Got $15.5 million in corporate venture funding via an introduction from MediaFirst CEO, Jim Caruso