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Tie Tech PR Strategy Directly To Tactics For Best PR Agency Results

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One method for attaining higher quality results, is a PR process that embeds strategy within the tactical documentation for the client. MediaFirst identifies the desired, future positioning for a client. This is a view of how the client firm wishes to be viewed in a year. Since most of our clients are privately held, we work for executives that have shareholdings in their firm and want to increase valuation. To succeed we use a technique applied by excellent, venture-backed companies.

This technique establishes:

Embed Key Words in News Releases to Raise SEO

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News releases are not just for the press. They are tools used to communicate important developments in your company to your target audience. They generate tremendous traffic to your Web site.

Clients: Excellence In Client-Agency-Media Process Attains Success

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To handle an urgent client issue, such as scheduling and interview with a reporter or editor, call Becky at 770/642-2080, x214. Please let us offer reporters up to three alternate time slots on two days.

If no answer call Jim at (mobile) 404/788-0188 at any hour.

New, additional projects can be defined using a copy of Schedule "C" from your agreement.

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