What role should SEO play in an overall PR strategy or campaign?

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Traditionally, public relations is about crafting strategic messages that communicate exactly what the organization wants people to hear.  Today, more and more businesses are creating their own content in the form of blogs, articles, “Tweets,” and white papers.

This user-generated content, like traditional PR, improves communications, generates publicity, builds awareness, and increases rankings in search engines. 

Customer Experience, Brand Experience / Why Speed & Utility Matter To Mobile Users

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Foursquare on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

I wrote a blog post about Google Chrome and how I like rapid response time and how I see speed as the ultimate differentiator online.

Here is an update on my thoughts:

Speed In Browsers Is Still King

It is almost two years later and it is still true that speed dominates. I think Windows lost its way with bloatware and carp ware, unwanted software that is loaded on new consumer PCs and with the poor compatibility and experience of users with Internet Explorer.

Response time + Stability will establish a new basis of competition - Google Chrome

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 I just posted this comment on Scobleizer's blog, regarding the post named 

"Why Google Chrome OS has already won"  

Email Marketing Solutions Firm MailChimp Triples International Subscriber Base

Email Marketing Solutions Firm MailChimp Triples International Subscriber Base

Google, weak US Dollar, and the latest technology trends help Atlanta, GA based email marketing solutions provider increase customer base.

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