How to Address Different Genders on Social Media for Better Targeted Marketing


An important consideration when implementing your social media marketing strategy is the demographic and gender of your target audience.

 How Facebook's New Trending Feature Can Affect Your Social Media Marketing


Most business marketing tips recommend using at least one social media platform. Choosing not to have any type of soc

Don't Employ These Tricks on Your Company Facebook Page


Social Media is one of the best marketing tools you can use for your business. Using Facebook for your business is one of the more popular ways that consumers can become connected with your company, however, there are certain things you can be doing that are actually hurting your business rather than helping.

The Best Social Media for Highly Visual Businesses


Social media has become a marketing cornerstone for most business, no matter the size.

What Does the WhatsApp Purchase Mean for Facebook?

Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS message, Text message,

Odds are you’ve heard about the WhatsApp. Even if you are unaware of what it is, you’ve certainly heard about its sale to Facebook. Facebook recently purchased the popular app for an astounding 19 billion dollars. This may seem like somewhat of an overpay for an app.

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