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Do More With Less (With Good Metrics) - Go Online

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Every market segment today is challenged to do more with less. That goes for supply chains and inventory to marketing and ad dollars. More than ever, marketing dollars are being spent on online campaigns, for these reasons:

  • Better measurability - online generates better statistics and tracking
  • With better measurement, you can generate a clear return on investment
  • The customers are going online, so you should be going there, too.

Social Media Merging Online Reputation, Personal & Business

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The online craze that is social media or social networking is creating a greater overlap between an individual's personal and business reputations.

SoCon 2009, Twitter hash #SoCon09

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Attended SoCon '09 at Kennesaw State University on 7 February 2009; also the dinner the night before. Enjoyed the break-out sessions, on “Social Media For Social Change” hosted by Tessa Horehled ( http://atlantanstogether.org/) on “Online Etiquette: How To Balance Your Personal and Professional Image Online” hosted by Amber Rhea.

Tweetup in Alpharetta

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Attended the TweetUp in Alpharetta at the 5 Seasons Brew Pub on 5 February 2009. Heard interesting customer service and sales prospecting examples that involved Twitter.com, especially from the guys at Ipswich.

Comment on the blog of Louis Gray "Does Anybody Care About Non-Blog Commenting Anymore?"

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My comment: Great observation, since I've started using socialmedian and similar sites. Owning the content and comments is a big issue for any writer or publisher.<br />

Reply from Louis Gray Louis Gray 11 months ago in reply to Jim Caruso 1 person liked this.<br />

Comment on "I’m Sorry Robert, But It’s Time For A Friendfeed Intervention"

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This question of how best to use one's time is the core issue with social media ... especially as authoritative sources change with technology and innovation.

Original comment by Michael Arrington: "I’m Sorry Robert, But It’s Time For A Friendfeed Intervention"  

I like NewsTrust.net

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I just have to say how much I like NewsTrust.net. It presents many of the best news stories along with in-depth ratings by serious readers.

Mashups via OpenSocial

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Umm ... I know I'm not alone on this, but mashups via Open Social are very cool. Trying to use Google apps and hoping that's a good place to create some mashups for business. I'm also in an beta mashup-app-building tool.

OpenSocial Rapidly Interconnecting Collaborative Social Networks

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What's amazing about OpenSocial is how it accelerates the pace of interconnection, previously rampant mostly within single, rapidly growing social networking communities. OpenSocial ties these fast growing communities together for a quantum leap in value and connection (to people, groups, organizations, philanthropic causes, etc.) Blogging, tagging, media (video and picture) sharing, and online personal or professional communities have become interconnected. Browser technology, such as from Flock, add to the usefulness of these ever-more useful tools.

Bridge Inspection Needs An Update

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When we build infrastructure, we rarely consider the life-cycle cost. In addition, visual inspection of bridges can not do the whole job of evaluating the safety of infrastructure, such as bridges, parking decks, etc.

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