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Public Relations Agency Secret: Consistent Process Creates Great Results

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The value of your business increases as your audience reach and recognition expands. Create awareness, investor interest, and competitive advantage. Select Media First to help achieve success, funding, IPO, or acquisition. We work together to attain goals of:
  • Targeting and reaching the audiences that purchase your hardware, software, or services
  • Generating awareness and interest in your venture, through PR to these target audiences
  • Crafting the value proposition of your offerings and firm

Response time + Stability will establish a new basis of competition - Google Chrome

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 I just posted this comment on Scobleizer's blog, regarding the post named 

"Why Google Chrome OS has already won"  

Panel Talk after Drupalcon Paris 2009 at Atlanta Drupal User Group Meetup on 10.20.2009. Meeting moderated by Jim Caruso.

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DrupalCon Paris BoF on high-performance, featuring brain dump by Bert on Druapl.org performance enhancements

FTC Guidelines Require That Bloggers Disclose Material Connections

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 Today's FTC Guide requires disclosure by bloggers if they have material connections with a company that they endorse in their blog.  From the release:

Awareness Is The First Step In The Process Of Customer Creation (Sales)

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"Customer Creation" is the lifeblood and purpose of any business, according to management guru, Peter Drucker.  One view of the sales cycle is that Awareness is the first step in the multi-step process of Awareness ~> Knowledge ~> Selling ~> Closing.

Guide Sales Prospects Through The Sales Cycle

Hybrid Approach to PR – Social Media vs. The Wall Street Journal

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In the age of Twitter, does a mention in The Wall Street Journal, or a similarly respected business publication, carry the same weight anymore?


The Transformation of the American Automobile Industry

A Perspective from a Supply Chain Professional Over the past six months or so we have witnessed a series of truly remarkable events in the American auto industry. After much consternation, evaluation and debate the Administration and Congress have decided that we the people will, indeed, sell Chrysler and rescue General Motors. Fair enough. However, as a supply chain professional for nearly 40 years, I have serious reservations about how this is unfolding. Apart from the obvious issues associated with capital and liquidity, General Motors is facing a classic supply chain strategy problem.

Embed Key Words in News Releases to Raise SEO

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News releases are not just for the press. They are tools used to communicate important developments in your company to your target audience. They generate tremendous traffic to your Web site.

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