Want To Add A Blog To Your Marketing Mix? Here Are Quick Tips On Blog Marketing

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Here are Couple of Simple Blog Marketing Strategies to Consider

If your goal is to monetize traffic and increase sales from your blog, then consider these blogging strategies to get more out of your website. The best thing that you can do for your blog is keep your content engaging, so that your visitors will keep coming back for more. Engagement and activity, like comments, attract search engines and improve your website ranking.

There are different types of blogging strategies that you can use to attract an audience to your website, but keep in mind that you will need to find a way to connect with your readers. These basic tactics, that you can incorporate into your blog right away, will pay off in traffic and leads:


Select and experiment with different ways to connect with your readers by using keywords that will help you target a specific audience, and what they are looking for on the Internet.

Use the Google Keyword Tool to find high-ranking keywords and terms that Internet users enter when they search. You can keep track of how often a keyword or term is searched for every month and then write your blog content around your researched keywords. Not only will you attract more readers to your blog, you will also attract the attention of search engines when your content is well-written and built around high-ranking keywords.

The most important step here is to choose keywords and keyword phrases that your prospective customer will use when searching on the web. It may even be easier to rank high for these than it is to rank for the highest traffic, most popular keywords.

2-Lead Capture:

Lead capturing techniques can help you to connect with your readers and build a relationship with them. Include lead capture information on your blog like banners, buttons, anchor tex, and opt-in boxes. Your goal should be to get contact information from web visitors in the form of email addresses. This lets you build a relationship with drip, email nurturing campaigns or when they subscribe to your email newsletter. Use the visitor’s email information as a part of your marketing plan. Auto responders and the drip, nurturing email campaigns help build a relationship with your readers and help you stay connected with them. You get multiple opportunities to sell them the products and services that you offer on your blog.

Every business is different needs and needs a blogging strategy that supports your company’s other marketing initiatives. If you would like to discuss your blog or are thinking about introducing a blog into your marketing mix, please let us know. We would be very happy to give assistance. Call me at 678-391-9136 or email Quique@mediafirst.net