Tips for Handling Customer Support on Twitter

Using social media is an excellent strategy for any inbound marketing campaign, whether you run a small, medium or large business. There are a ton of social media networks to choose from, but one that every business should consider is Twitter. In fact, using Twitter for your business can help in more ways than one. Not only can you send followers messages about new blog content, promotions, events and more, it’s also a great way to handle customer support.

The following are a few tips that will help you to handle your customer support on Twitter:

  • Understand the Twitter language - Twitter has its own language, which you will have to learn in order to properly communicate with your customers. For example, there is a pretty big difference between using RT (re-tweet) and HT (hat tip – an acknowledgement for being the original source of content that was re-tweeted).  
  • Have a resolution threshold – You don’t want a single customer clogging your entire feed. So set a resolution threshold of a certain amount of tweets before moving on to a different customer.  
  • Look for indirect mentions – You’ll want to make sure questions haven’t gone unanswered by using an advanced search to find indirect mentions of your brand.  
  • Have a dedicated support handle – It can be a good idea to have a separate place for customers to ask questions, especially if you run a larger company. Post your support hours in your profile summary and be sure to promote any alternate support channels as well. You may also want to tweet your active support hours every once in a while during times when Twitter isn’t moderated.

Use these tips to handle customer support on Twitter. For additional advice for using Twitter for your business, contact us at MediaFirst today.

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