Things to Avoid on Your Business's Social Networks in 2014

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Every year, the understanding of social media’s role in the world of inbound marketing continues to grow. This means that you should be learning what works as well as what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing via social media.

The following are a few tips on what you should avoid when it comes to your company’s social media platforms in 2014:

    Quantity over quality  – Many company’s began to produce massive amounts of content filled to the brim with SEO keywords in an attempt to draw more hits and increase their Google search rankings. However, there’s no point in littering the Internet with low quality content. Doing so may result in more hits, but it won’t result in more customers. No one is going to read more than one piece of your content if it’s worthless.

    Depending solely on Facebook  – Yes, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms out there. But guess what? Every business is using Facebook in order to promote their brand. This means that simply being on Facebook isn’t going to help with your visibility unless you have a budget to assist you with promoting posts. Be sure to use other social media platforms as well.

    Not Using Google +  – Many companies neglect to use Google + because they believe that Google + doesn’t have much of a user base. While this may be true, you shouldn’t be using Google + as a way to interact with people. Instead, it should be used to help increase your search results. Google links all of its pages together, which means having a presence on Google + can only be beneficial. 

Be sure to keep these business marketing tips in mind and contact us at MediaFirst for additional marketing advice.

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