Remember to Tailor Your Voice to Your Social Media Platform

Making sure that your company has a voice when marketing your business on social media is incredibly important. You don’t want to sound like a drone that’s just periodically releasing information once in a while, after all. This is something that will simply turn off your followers.

Your company needs to have a voice, one that is relatable to your followers 

Of course, your voice needs to relate to your brand. You may be a hilarious individual that’s always cracking jokes, but this voice may not be appropriate for a funeral home service. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t tailor your voice in order to adjust to what social media site you are using.

If you are marketing your business on social media, then you should be using more than one platform. Only using one platform severely limits the amount of people you can reach with your brand, after all. However, each platform is very different in terms of what types of people are using it.

This is why you need to adjust the voice of your brand in order to fit the platform you are using... 

  • For example, short quick sentences that are humorous or to the point are perfectly fine on Twitter, where you can only use 140 characters anyway. 
  • However, if you are releasing content or posting on your LinkedIn profile, you should use a more professional voice since most LinkedIn users are professional. 
  • The same goes for other social platforms. Facebook has more casual users, so you can find a balance between what your voice would be on Twitter and what it would be on LinkedIn.

Tailor your voice depending on the social media platform you are using. For additional advice on marketing your business on social media, be sure to contact us at MediaFirst.

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