HTML 5: Favorite Links, Tools, Books, Posts, People, Resources, etc.

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These are favorite Links, Tools, Books, Posts, People, Resources, etcetera from the Atlanta HTML5 User Group Rockstar Notes

From our January 2013 "Rockstar" meetup. Here are the panel’s favorite links/books/tools/posts/etc....

 - for me it’s less about links and more about the practice of digging into others’ code (github), documentation, man pages, etc.
TodoMVC is a good way to get to know each framework:  The author (Addy Osmani) has a great blog worth following:

Prismatic - it learns what you read, what you like, and gives you focused content. Twitter can also be a good source of info - but ony if you follow the right people. For example, I follow Brian Rinaldi, the community manager for Adobe. He posts a couple of links per day for articles relating to front end dev (not just Adobe related). As for Social, don’t laugh, but G+ is a good place to create a “circle” of geek friends who can share articles between each other.

find AngularJS + SEO article
Secrets of the Superstart programmer by Giles Bowkett:
Book: flow: the psychology of optimal psychology - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Book: the war of art - Steven Pressfield
Book audience member recommended: How to win friends and influence people - Dale Carnegie
Video: How to Write 1000 Words (I actually didn’t get to talk about this but it’s good)

Web Sites
Luke W - All things mobile and responsive -
A List Apart - Design, UX, HTML, CSS, a little JS -
CSS Tricks - CSS for all levels of your career -
CodeAcademy - Great learning resource - Easy intro to JavaScript and JQuery as well as Ruby and Python -
Smashing Mag - CSS/HTML.Design/UX -

Big Web Show - html, css light JS, UX design - a mixed bag -
Shop Talk Show - Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert talk to guests. CSS/HTML/JS mostly - some design and UX -

Training / Upkeep
Codeschool -
RailsCasts -
Codecademy -
Lynda -
Coursera - -- specifically the SaaS class
BackboneRails (shameless plug)

Book Series
Anything Pragmatic Programmers
Designing Interfaces, 2nd edition

IRC - - active in these channels

Twitter Peoples
Brad Frost ‏ @brad_frost
Chris Coyier ‏ @chriscoyier
Dave Rupert ‏ @davatron5000
Divya Manian ‏ @divya
Nicole Sullivan ‏ @stubbornella
Paul Irish ‏ @paul_irish
John Resig ‏ @jeresig
Jason Santa Maria ‏ @jasonsantamaria
Ethan Marcotte ‏ @beep
Luke Wroblewski ‏ @lukew
Dan Cederholm ‏ @simplebits