How Facebook's New Trending Feature Can Affect Your Social Media Marketing


Most business marketing tips recommend using at least one social media platform. Choosing not to have any type of social media presence is going to put you at a major disadvantage. At the very minimum, even small local companies will put up a Facebook page. Facebook is actually an excellent social media platform in terms of connecting with users in order to provide valuable content and having it shared with through your followers’ connections. Additionally, Facebook constantly comes up with new features that can be beneficial to companies that have made Facebook a major component of their online marketing strategy. 

Help your business grow by taking advantage of Facebook's latest trending features

One recent Facebook feature is the new trending feature and is very similar to that of Twitter. It is located on the right side of the Facebook timeline and displays the latest and most popular topics, which are based on the interest Facebook users, the engagement levels of users and how recent the news is. Each trending topic also boasts a headline that provides context to why the trend is newsworthy.

This new feature will affect businesses in several ways. The trending feature may make it more difficult for brands that haven’t purchased advertising space on Facebook to appear on news feeds. However, if you are taking your online marketing strategy seriously, then you should begin paying for advertising space. On a much more positive note, if you are able to spark an interest in a piece of content you’ve published, it could appear in the trending section – thereby exposing your brand even more.

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