Having Trouble With Website Conversion? Make Sure You Avoid These Mistakes

While successfully attracting visitors to your website is a marketing accomplishment in and of itself, converting those visitors into loyal, referring customers is quite another feat.  

Here are a few helpful website marketing tips:

Website Marketing Tip #1: Encourage Communication

Encourage and welcome your visitors to leave comments, ask questions, sign up for your e-newsletter, follow you on Facebook, contribute ideas, and/or even express complaints or concerns on your website. Don’t create a “one-way website” where visitors are not given the opportunity to speak.  

Website Marketing Tip #2: Provide Directions (Even to Guys)

Make your website very easy to explore. Have simple-to-see calls for action on every page that clearly and easily leads the traveler to the next step in the buying (or sign-up) process. Don’t just have engaging blog content with nothing further to do at the end of them (except leave the website).  Include live links within the articles that direct the surfers to other waves of information and calls to action.

Website Marketing Tip #3:  A Welcome Home(page)

Create an organized, easy-on-the-eyes, beautifully-designed home page. It ought to be welcoming, simple, and clean. Kitchen sinks don’t belong on the homepage (or on any campaign-specific landing page). Having too many colors, too many arrows, bells, and whistles, and too much wording will only confuse the visitor and compel him/her to leave (and not return).

Website Marketing Tip #4: Lifeboats Included

Provide help. Make your website one that is solution-focused for all visitors. Whether they are seeking information, a specific product, or a free e-book, make it simple for them to find and obtain exactly what they are looking for.

 By following a few effective business marketing tips that will help you avoid creating (or maintaining) a website filled with common conversion killers, your website will experience an increase in visits, leads, and conversions.

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