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Note: This is really an internal document, but I felt it might be helpful to you. This outlines what goes into a blog post for the agency. Since, we build websites, we know that how and what you write is a critical success factor (CSF) for helping your readers.


We want to get high Google search ranking (top 10) for the terms used by buyers of our services, these terms include the singular and plural, long and short forms of phrases that describe our firm, such as: "PR Agency," "Public Relations Firms," or "Tech PR Company." Note that these phrases end in "Agency," "Firm," and "Company."

We want to be known as a source of services for PR, Marketing, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing (Online Marketing).

There are a great number of keyword phrases that we target, which includes the "long-tail" keyword phrases that buyers might use to find MediaFirst, such as "Digital Agency," "Digital PR Firm," "Local Marketing Company," "Social Media Marketing Agency," and "Internet Marketing Company." 



Business. Our target client is a privately-owned corporation or business from small business to medium-sized corporation. 

We target an audience, readers, who are corporate executives, business owners, marketing directors and staff, public relations professionals, or those involved in social media.



I offer a suggested title. You have the option of offering an alternate title that employs a keyword or keywords. If you chose to write this, place this at the beginning of the piece, labeled "TITLE," if needed for clarity.


I supply 10 keywords. I prefer that you use all 10. Place the keywords that you used at the end of the piece, labeled as "KEYWORDS:..."


Please include a Meta Description of 150 characters or less. This is for the "Meta Description" that displays when the article shows up in web search, such as a Google search result. 150 Place this at the end of the piece labeled as "META: ..."


I request that in your writing that you attain a Keyword Density of greater than five percent [ > 5%]. Keyword density increases as you use each and every keyword, particularly including them in both the body of the piece and any title, subtitles, or bullet point lists. 


Buyer Keywords:

We especially want to get high search ranking for what I call "buyer keywords," which are the search phrases used by prospective customers trying to find a company like MediaFirst.

Social Networks:

The primary social media networks should be: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr & YouTube. 

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