The Best Social Media for Highly Visual Businesses

Social media has become a marketing cornerstone for most business, no matter the size. That’s because social media inbound marketing campaigns are highly effective when it comes to the time and money you spend on them versus what they can return to you. However, not all social media sites are created equal, and not every business can benefit from the same methods, particularly if your business is one that relies primarily on visuals to showcase its offerings and best work.

If your company is one that relies heavily on visuals to get your message across, here are some tips that can help you make the most of social media:


Facebook is perhaps the most popular social media site out there and it isn’t one that you should ignore. To use Facebook successfully if your business relies on visuals, one of the best things you can do is incorporate infographics into your posts. You can also include pictures with posts, but without some sort of text to explain the visuals the message of your posts could be a bit obscured.


While Pinterest has a predominately female user base, many businesses have great success exposing people of both sexes to their products and services through visuals on Pinterest. It’s particularly beneficial if you have a range of products like furniture, clothing or even a service like a design business.


For companies that rely on event pictures or pictures of their products, Instagram is a great tool. You can share photos and incorporate posts into other social platforms, allowing users to follow you and share your posts.

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