Audit Your Social Media Marketing for These Mistakes

Social media marketing is an excellent way to expand the awareness of your brand, increase brand loyalty among your customers and even generate new leads. Social media marketing is a strategy that every Internet marketing campaign needs to have. But just because you're marketing your business using social media does not mean you're doing so successfully.

The following are a few of the common social media marketing mistakes that you should keep your eye out for:

  • All your posts look promotional: The last thing you want is for every post you make on your social media platform to look like an advertisement. Posting every once in a while about a sale or a discount is fine, but doing so frequently is going to cause followers to lose interest. The posts you make should show value to your followers and incite discussion to fuel consumer engagement.  
  • You ignore posts by your followers: You would never ignore a consumer that had a question or shared a criticism with you in an actual store. The same should go for your social media presence. If someone posts a question or has something to say – whether it's criticism or not – you need to respond immediately. You could be missing out on a chance to convert a lead or gain a customer.  
  • You don't post regularly: You need to keep your followers engaged with your brand by posting regularly. If you don’t, they’ll forget about you and you’ll lose brand loyalty. You’ll be eliminating your chances at increasing brand awareness by not posting regularly. 

Avoid these mistakes and contact us at MediaFirst for additional social media marketing tips.

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