4 Trends Predicted for Social Media in 2014


Marketing is an entity that is constantly evolving, and with the rise of social media, these changes tend to come more rapidly. To keep up with current inbound marketing trends, a social media campaign is a must, so what will 2014 bring to the table when it comes to social media? 

Here are a few social media trends we may see:

In - App Purchasing Options  - 2014 may just see social networking sites allowing in-app purchasing by introducing things such as shopping carts to their sites, customers will be able to buy products right there on their social media pages, this will open up a whole new world to online sales.

Social Ratings - The public service sector has lagged behind in the social media area.  2014 may allow consumers to give social ratings to people such as doctors, public officials, and even police officers, making it easier for consumers to get an idea of how the public services in their area perform.

Monetizing Social Influence  - This may be the year where social influencer's actually get paid to do get company names out there. Why not pay someone that has a lot of influence in the social networking world money to get your company seen and heard by your particular focus groups.

Automation  - The automation of some social media tasks will enable companies to spend more time on customer contact, including contact through social media, and less time on the mundane social media tasks such as updates.

These new trends could bring even more change to the way we think about reaching our customers through inbound marketing, opening up new doors and increasing the level of customer centricity your business brings to the table.

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Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net