4 Competencies of Highly Effective Inbound Marketing Agencies

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Inbound Marketing combines great content and website engagement that forms a superior foundation for sales and marketing efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and revenue growth. Shifting from outbound to inbound marketing provides accelerated return on investment (ROI).

Today’s CMOs are shifting marketing dollars from traditional outbound methods such as PR and e-mail marketing to online tactics like blogging, social media, content marketing and more. While these tactics work exceptionally, they require time and internal resources. The answer is to outsource these needs to an inbound marketing agency that can use its deep online experience to help companies and businesses increase their online visibility and lead generation efforts.

There are 4 competencies that an inbound marketing agency must meet.

1)    Ability to Generate Traffic to Website: Inbound marketing agencies generate traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging, and social media campaigns.

2)    Ability to Generate Premium Content: Inbound marketing agencies develop premium, engaging, targeted content that capitalizes on web traffic by building landing pages, offering calls to action, and managing online lead generation efforts.

3)    Ability to Construct Lead-Nurturing Campaigns: Inbound marketing agencies offer targeted lead-nurturing campaigns that convert leads into customers.

4)    Analysis and Measurement Capabilities: Inbound marketing agencies must be able to analyze the results of online efforts on a regular basis and repeat successes while fine-tuning campaigns to get better results.